Chiropractic Day at the Georgia Capital

It is of extreme importance for us Chiropractic Doctors to stay active at the capital. With all the different interests and lobbyists at the capital, laws are constantly changing. With in a short period of time the law can change to make it illegal for you to walk in to a Chiropractor’s office or even getting Structural Corrective Adjustment. All this because the opposition can have a vested interested in stopping us from providing care to our patients.

Can you imagine a world where it is illegal to get checked for Structural Spinal Misalignments in your body or even get adjusted. It is possible and therefore my state association is always staying active at the capital.

It was my honor, as the president of the Georgia Council on Chiropractic,  to lead this Chiropractic Day at the Capital.

Thank you to all those that attend and gave us your support!



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