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Can Heart Disease Be Reduced With Corrective Chiropractic Care?

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In the past most people believed that the only way to reduce Cardiovascular (Heart) Disease was through diet, exercise, sleep, not smoking, and getting regular cholesterol and blood pressure checkups. The latest advances in research and science have revealed that  Corrective Chiropractic Care has a  more dominant impact than previously thought in the reduction of heart disease.

The studies indicate an overwhelming YES!!! to the question, can Correcting structural abnormalities in my spine help to  improve heart function?

According to current research, structural abnormalities in the spine may be a significant factor in a number of disorders. The lack of a proper Spinal foundation can aggravate a person’s nervous system and lead to a variety of different dysfunctions. According to Dr. Nate Blume, “The body’s homeostatic mechanism is thrown off.” Dr Blume was the chief officer of a major breakthrough study that focused on two areas: the relation between blood pressure, and heart rates. Chiropractic research from other doctors has also supported his findings. Repeatedly the researchers found that Structural Correction helped to lower heart rates in patients suffering with above average heart rates.

The main reason thought to be the basis for this finding is that Corrective Chiropractic Care has a therapeutic effect on the nervous system, which has a direct effect on heart rate variability. Researchers have also proposed that Corrective Chiropractic Care does relieve pain that may have caused an increase  in heart rates.  Stress was another factor that was considered.  Pain leads to increased stress, which in turn can cause an elevated heart rate. Thus Corrective Chiropractic intervention directly addresses the cause of the problem.

Another  related study investigated the connection between “systolic and diastolic blood pressure” and anxiety levels, and quantified the changes after subjects received Structural Correction through Corrective Chiropractic Care. Results showed a lowering in not only blood pressure, but also anxiety, again showing evidence that cardiovascular disease can be reduced with Corrective Chiropractic Care.

In a more recent case study, a man at age 54 pursued chiropractic care and his lipid panel normalized following the recommended regime of the health program he followed. Only Corrective Chiropractic Care – not traditional care – was applied in his treatment.  The authors are hoping to expand studies like these and quantify their results.

Dr. Matthew McCoy, published and conducted the above case study,  he stated that all of these findings make sense:

If you damage, compress, or otherwise interfere with the neurological structures in the spine this can have far-reaching implications on the functioning of the body. We are finding that structurally correcting the misalignment or abnormal motion associated with these spinal problems reduces the nerve interference.

McCoy explained that removing  nerve interference is the key to reducing problems related to cardiovascular disease, which is what was experienced by the patient in the above mentioned study.